The future of computing as I see it...

Figured I'd put this into a blog so that when it all comes to pass I can be proclaimed the greatest prophet of technology who has ever lived. :)

This morning on CNN I read an article about Microsoft's plan for future computing.  The plan is with Windows 10 to eventually use the Windows Phone to replace your desktop, laptop, or whatever.  Basically your phone will become your roaming processor and connect to whatever monitor, keyboard, and mouse is near at hand.  Then again, this IS Microsoft we are talking about... since this is future computing I would expect the phone to utilize a combination of voice commands and use the camera on the phone as a kind of Kinnect and replace the mouse entirely.  A pair of cameras on the case could provide the depth perception to allow for 3-Dimensional motion tracking. 

That said I was unimpressed with the idea of the phone being your roaming cpu and doing all your processing.  It is my belief that the "phone" can be eliminated and make way for a "Link-Communicator" (for lack of a better term).  All this device needs to do is to be able to connect you via WiFi or LTE to your subscription purchased cloud computing virtual desktop.  It needs only have enough horsepower to stream the video/audio output from your cloud machine and receive the input from the combination voice command and Kinnect system.  All the heavy lifting will be done on the cloud side.  An advantage to this is that you can have flexible computing power and like Amazon Web Services (AWS) pay only for what you need.  Playing the latest game?  Lag in memory or processing power will never be an issue since the cloud system can instantly and dynamically allocate more power.  Doing simple web browsing, watching a movie or reading a book on your Microsoft Hololens will use significantly less.  Storage isn't an issue as cloud storage space is already laughably cheap and available from a wide variety of providers.

I believe that if the phone is the weak-point in creating this kind of mobile computing environment then maybe the time has come to create a new communicator that is built for the task.  The modern mobile phone still borrows a lot from the age old handset design.  I believe it is time to let go of the past and create the new.  Mobile data and voice connections could greatly benefit from a higher gain antenna built into your clothes rather than trying to fit it all into a standard mobile phone case.

I truly believe the day of owning personally owned physical machines is coming to a close.  The only device you'll need is your communicator.  Everything else will simply be connected to through the cloud.

The CNN article can be found here: